SRK Bearing Industries HK Limited

Latest News

New year wishes

SRK~ Bearing wishes all our partners a happy and prosperous Chinese

Novel design and concept of booth

SRK~ visits the China International Bearing Industry Exhibition in September with new energy and a fresh concept of a expo booth

New Hoarding comes up in Shandong

SRK~ puts up a newly designed hoarding in Shandong!

Africa Visit

Our CEO Mr. Tapan Gadodia has an excellent visit to Africa in order to diversify operating markets

PTC Asia

SRK hosts a booth at PTC asia fair, as we met many new and existing customers

Prices unstable

As the steel industry becomes highly volatile, prices become unstable, leading to difficult times for buyers and sellers across the nation.

Iran Visit

Our visit to Iran was extremely successful. With many strong relationships built, and extremely satisfied customers, SRK~'s visit to Iran accomplished many goals.